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The service ensures the examination of proposals, complaints, enquiries or requests within the competence of the institution. The purpose of this service is to ensure the compliance of the use of the official language with the laws and regulations by facilitating the maintenance and protection of the Latvian language.

Process description

  1. Requesting the service
    To submit a proposal, complaint, enquiry or request (hereinafter – the submission) to the State Language Centre, the given name and surname (for a natural person) or the firm name and registration number (for a legal person), the address for the receipt of reply, the preferred form of its receipt (electronically, via post or in person) and the signature of the submitter must be indicated.
    The service may be refused if the content of the submission is insulting, defiant or not understandable, or the author cannot be identified (an electronically sent submission has not been signed with an e-signature).
    The submission may also be given through the telephone or in an anonymous form, but in such case a reply will not be provided.

  2. Receipt of the service
    Replies to submissions will be sent to customers through the channel which the respective customer used for the submission, or through the channel indicated by the relevant customer for the receipt of a reply.