Anna Zahare

Head of the division of Legal Translation
anna.zahare [at]

Following the requests of the state institutions, the State Language Centre provides:

  • Translations of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia (Laws, Cabinet Regulations) into languages of the EU member states (mainly English);
  • Translations of international law (treaties, conventions, et al.) into Latvian;
  • Translations of the documentation connected with NATO activities into Latvian (upon the request of the Ministry of Defence).

According to the reports submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2006 the Cabinet had been delegating the responsibility of providing Latvian translations of conventions and international treaties binding to Latvia to the Translation and Terminology Centre (now – the State Language Centre). This responsibility is considered to be one of the priorities of the State Language Centre. In order to publish the translations in the official journal of the government “Latvijas Vēstnesis” and the website of laws and regulations, finished and revised translations are sent to the ministries for coordination.

The translations of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia are provided according to requests of ministries and the list of translatable documents approved at the EU Senior Officials’ meeting.

Please note that the State Language Centre's translations of the EU legal acts into Latvian are informative only. Only a publication in the Official Journal of the European Union is binding. The legal acts of the European Union adopted after 1 May 2004 are translated by the translation services of the European Union.